Reverb is a very important part in the mix process of making a song. It gives the entire mix spacial aspect and makes the whole track sound more realistic and alive. Using this and delay are the two tools to make a wider mix that will sound like the pros. There are different types of reverb, each giving their own special effect. These reverbs can also be processed to tracks in different ways.

There are 5 common types of reverbs. You can use these all as presets. No one is going to know or judge you.

  1. Hall
  2. Chamber
  3. Room
  4. Plate
  5. Spring

The hall reverb is for a room that would be considered for an orchestra and simulate a place where this would be played.

The chamber reverb is a smaller room simulation.

A room reverb is a simulation of a certain room. I include this type of reverb on all of my tracks to add a relation to the whole track. You can also just use a preset called ‘small room’ which is on Live or any other DAW.

A plate reverb is a reverb that originally is reflection of a plate that gives a brighter reverberation.

A spring reverb is just like a plate reverb but uses a spring instead of a plate.

The way to use reverb on a track in a DAW is something that should be followed a certain way. First rule I say is always use reverbs in you return tracks instead of adding it directly to the track you want to affect. Having reverb in a return track allows you to send one reverb, say a small room preset, to multiple tracks so you have a relation among all of those tracks. It also saves CPU.

Here is a video of using sends and return tracks:

Here is an article on how to set up reverbs from a professional mixing engineer from Dubspot’s Blog


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