Wavetables explained

One of the key things in making electronic music is building the sound design in the song in addition to the composition structure. This is a very crucial part if you want make any sort of music and not be someone that uses samples from sample packs to build songs.

In synthesis, wave tables are the most basic starter to learning how to build your own sounds. Sine, square and saw tooth are all a few examples of wavetables. Below is a video explaining Sine waves a little better using the VSTi Massive, which I have mentioned before in previous posts as a ‘Must have”.

Just going through the different wavetables and playing them by themselves can be a good start to how the basic waves sound. Most of the simple waves the ones used to make some cool leads, plucks and basses; key to making good synths is simplicity.

Below is a more in depth view on wave tables again using Native Instruments Massive


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