Sampler, is a granular synth that is a built-in tool that comes in Ableton. Basically with this synth you can take any sample you would like and turn it into something you can play on a keyboard. For example, it is possible to take a sample of an orchestra playing a D note. You can take that sample and put it into Sampler and play that sample and go up and down (about 6 semi tones*). You also have the choice to assign different samples to each note of the keyboard. So instead of just taking that D note sample, its possible to take another sample, say a G note, and place that in the sampler. This allows for you to play that D thru G without the sound getting too stretched out and sounding warped.

*If you dont know what semi tones are, think of notes on a keyboard. Going from an F note to an F# is considered a semi tone. In other words, you can think of semi-tones as a chromatic scale. There are 11 semi tones or half steps in a chromatic scale.

Clicking on the ‘zone’ tab on Sampler will allow you to access the assigning of different notes. Below is an example of the window you should see when you click on the tab.


This sample based synth makes it easy to make an melodic instrument by taking samples of any synth. An idea of something you could do with this is take samples of your favorite synth patch on a synth you don’t have. For example, if you don’t have serum and want to have this sound someone has. You can sample like 4 notes and put them into Sampler; making it possible to play that synth via one shots.

Sampler also makes it possible to resample a synth sound and then play it stretched out. This is an old trick used by Drum’ N’ Bass artists to modulate basses. When you play higher on the octave the note plays faster; its not like playing it normally from the synth it was generated from.

The possibilities are endless with this synth. Take all of these ideas and play around with them then try to use them in your own perspective.

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