This blog is meant to help electronic music producers of all levels. It focuses on using the digital audio workshop Ableton Live 9. If you’re using an older version of Ableton, some of the plug-ins I use in my posts may not be accessible to you. I support Ableton Live (even though I don’t work for them) on buying their program to get the full benefits rather than pirating it. There are so many great items you get from actually purchasing it including a bunch of useful instruments and Max for live. If you are a student, the price goes down tremendously (from $800 to $450 for the suite version). I know this from experience just recently buying the latest Ableton 9.2, after coming from using a cracked version of Live 8 (which is pretty outdated and didn’t haveĀ Max For Live included with it).

As for people who use other DAWs, this blog can still be a help if you put the tips and techniques into perspective. All DAWs are the same in some sense (compression,limiting,EQ,synths etc) so the processing tips can be universal if looked at correctly.